Why a 100% matters

We love our customers, we really do. They inspire us always to do more for their sake as well as ours. We love that many of them are also living our key foundational philosophy of being ‘the informed consumer’, demonstrated in a recent email we received.

She asked us why our Neem oil looked different to the one she previously bought from another supplier, as theirs also stated ‘Natural’. It was almost golden in colour and clear, it did not have the bits that our darker hued oil carried she carried on.
So we reminded her why a 100% matters and why it is carried on all of our labelling and why being a ‘informed consumer’ was always important.

To affirm a 100% on a label is to hold one’s products to the highest scrutiny, it is to stand in fullness of the authenticity of the contents of the products and guarantee it. All products that are made solely with the single content, and hardly any suppliers do so for the sake of exorbitant profits. Of course its allowed to say Natural, especially oils because one is allowed to mix in extra what is referred to as a ‘carrier oil’, usually almond or Lavendar oil. This expands volume whilst decreasing potency of the stated oil.
Also, the carrier oils are also sourced from Nature, so adding ‘Natural’ to the label is not illegal per say, but it contains omissions of truth as well?

This is why when many doubt the efficacy of what many essential oils are stated to be able to remedy, because it usually does not work according to said expectations? But how can we expect it to work in the way it should when its not potent enough?
The scientific studies that confirm many of these attributes of herbs or oils such as Watermelon or Baobab are conducted only on the source oil, not with the inclusion of the carrier oils, so how can we expect the same results?

This is where being informed becomes important, because then one is clear on what one is actually consuming. Reading the large titles that draws you in is not sufficient if the small print is not read? Then we’re only acting on half the information and as such can only expect half-baked results?

So the 100% is important for us, because it was one of the key principles that led to the formation of Ghana’s Fresh; to ensure we can offer what Nature has to offer in its full glory and benefits. Our 100% promise is an indication of the value we hold for our customers, what they fully deserve.

A 100% remains important because your wellbeing deserves a 100% – do you agree?